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Hints for each level if you are stuck (rot13):
Act 1 - zbir njnl sebz gur ung'f bcravat gb chyy bowrpgf bhg, pbire nyy erq gnetrgf jvgu enoovgf
Act 2 - pbire nyy oyhr gnetrgf jvgu ungf, nyy erq gnetrgf jvgu enoovgf
Act 3 - vs gur evtug ung fgnegrq naljurer ryfr, vg jbhyq or rnfl
Act 4 - lbh pna chfu ungf vaqverpgyl, ohg abg enoovgf
Act 5 - vs bayl lbh pbhyq cerirag gur ungf sebz ebyyvat nyy gur jnl gb gur obeqre
Act 6 - vg vf uneqre gb trg gur evtug ung npebff gur oneevre guna gur yrsg ung
Act 7 - vg qbrfa'g ybbx cbffvoyr gb trg gur enoovgf bhg bs gur funsg jvgu gung ung
Act 8 - vg frrzf yvxr lbh arrq gur yrsg snpvat ung gb pbyyrpg gur enoovg naq gb qrcbfvg vg ba gur gnetrg
Act 9 - zbivat gur ung jvyy bayl znxr guvatf uneqre
Act 10 - lbh qba'g arrq gb chg gur ungf vafvqr rnpu bgure
Act 11 - gung nern ng gur obggbz vfa'g arrqrq gb ergevrir gur enoovg


It's fun being able to put an object in one hat and pull it out of another. I also like the magician performing a trick theme, it made my puzzle solving feel like a performance. It made my fumbling around funnier, haha.